Unternehmensinformationen gem. § 2 DL-InfoV


Mr. Joerg Normann, Normann IT-Consulting, is a professionel, reliable and - just in case - industry-specific fully secured partner.

Since 2006 he has a liabilty insurance, which was last changed in early 2012 to the current requirements.

Clicking on the exali liability seal will take you directly to the online insurance verification. On this personalized profile page you will find all relevant information regarding the securities offered by this professional liability:

  • Insurers and insurance coverage
  • Insurance start and end
  • insurance limits
  • Information on benefits in case of damages
Mehr Informationen zur  Haftpflicht von J. Normann, Normann IT-Consulting, Pulheim

The exali liability seal creates transparency. It also fulfills the statutory mandantory of professional liability, prescribed in Germany since 05/17/2010 (see § 2 Art. 11 of the "Dienstleistungs-Informations-Pflichtenverordnung" (DL-InfoV). More information can be found here.