Generell Principles

For me as an adviser and trainer fairness, openness and mutual respect are elementary condition of cooperation. That's why I commit myself to the observance of the following principles which forms the basic condition of my professional action based on the UN charter of human rights:

  • Every person is unique and an independent personality.
  • Esteem is due to him regardless of origin, gender and culture. Hence, esteem and comprehensive integrity of the single person stand at the top of my work.
  • All people have the right on freedom of her thoughts, her conscience, her religion and the expression of opinion.They remain her life long learning, change and with it developable. They have a right on the best possible education and free development of her personality.
  • I recognise that people are dependent on her relations and her social sphere. They strive to be able to form her life independently and have the need for recognition.
  • My view of the world as a linked up system obliges me to the solidarity with other people and to the thoughtfulness compared with our environment.
  • I reject orders from totalitarian, xenophobic, sexist or racist organisations, enterprises or parties.
  • I insure that I will not teach, apply or spread in other manner of the „technology of L. Ron Hubbard“. The principles of the Scientology organisation are incompatible with my activity as an adviser and my personal world view.

I live these principles in my projects and transmit this setting. This is from my point of view an important contribution which I can make as a consultant in your enterprise. This creates a trust base which allows me to perform good work. And it will have a lasting effect  for your enterprise.

    If I consult partners for my work I will check whether they also follow these principles.

    Professional codex for the continuing education

    For my activity as an adviser, trainer and coach I  have recognised the professional codex of the "forum value orientation in the continuing education inc.". You can read up this under

    With my explanation to this codex I have undertaken to follow the professional ethical principles.

    In case of conflict  I will make the appeal of procedure of the "Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e. V." .