Working basis


I assure my customers that I consult always neutrally, extensively and state of the technology. In addition I visit regularly advanced trainings. My methods and action models are checked by me constantly and are improved.


Every project is cut individually on the respective customer. Thus you receive the best consultation and achievement stands for a fair price. Provided that I or the colleagues with whom I work together cannot perform a requested job, I will openly inform you about it. I'll help you to find a better suitable adviser.

(Distribution) partnerships

I reject partnerships which are based on the pure distribution of a product on commission. Provided that you still find links to Opens internal link in current windowpartnerships on this web page this occurs in the conviction that the product has a high quality level. Moreover all partners will have the same chances in a customer project. I always keep my neutrality.

Other consultants

any consultant who is consulted by me runs an announced trade and has the qualified knowledge to perform the duties of a relevant qualifications / experience. They also declare to agree to the principles of Normann IT Consulting.